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The Awarnys™ family of online software products helps groups get off the ground and cruising comfortably. Using Awarnys™ services, people always know where they stand, where to go, and when to turn. Instinctively, they glide together in unison, remaining close without bumping into one another.

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Go further than ever before

Whether you're choreographing groups by the handful or the hundred, Awarnys™ can help.


Get together & get it done

Hapyn creates communities that organize themselves. Balance free will and order in ecosystems that last.

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aviation awarnys

Increase visibility & velocity

Aviation™ by Awarnys™ software lets you create trips, submit, track, and invoice expenses associated with plane ownership and leasing. Aviation™ is enterprise software that is mobile and intuitive, designed by and for aircraft owners and pilots.

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Connect & Converse With Aviators

Flight Clubs is a resource community for people who love to fly. Find answers. Share expertise and experience.

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About us

We Believe People are limitless together

Most tools we have to organize ourselves and our groups are built around the individual. We do our work on separate islands and send it off to others to address, bookmark, and archive. They do the same and the pattern continues.

In the natural world, group mechanics work differently. Individuals spontaneously self-organize and take flight. They move together in perfect sync, guided by a keen group awareness.

Awarnys™ builds tools and resources to improve our collective consciousness. We use technology to close gaps between individuals, and automate processes that typically cause confusion and friction in teams. The result is better group experiences and improved outcomes.

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